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Emilee Crocker 3Emilee Crocker 3 

How do I add a custom button to Salesforce1?

I would like to add a custom button I created to my Salesforce1 account page.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Crocker,

Salesforce1 doesn't support custom buttons, but you might consider moving that button's functionality to a Publisher Action, which is supported in both the web GUI and in Salesforce1. (This is assuming your custom button is a detail button.)

Publisher Actions are clearly SFDC's preferred method for adding capabilities to a record detail page going forward.

Custom Buttons and Links (URL redirects) are fully supported in both the mobile web and app versions of Salesforce1 if their "Content Source" is a Visualforce page or a URL from after Spring '16. Hope this helps.

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Emilee Crocker 3Emilee Crocker 3
This has already been solved.