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Raja PriyaRaja Priya 

Hi all, Am in begineer level of salesforce. i have created a custom objects with custom fields. I want to move all the custom objects from one salesforce account to another salesforce account. Can you please assist with me with the steps.

Ruwantha  LankathilakaRuwantha Lankathilaka
Use the  Force.com Migration Tool for this


Use this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW9aPrxvK3A

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Hi Raja,

If your Org is related to simultaneously like production to sandbox or sandbox to production.Simple create an outbound changeset in your resource org and then add the object and fields and send the target org.In the target validate the correspond changeset and hit the deploye button.After deployment set FLS of Object and fields. 

I suggest you prefer the Salesforce DX.Salesforce DX has more usable and user-friendly.

Mukesh Kumar