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arun rupesharun rupesh 

it want workflow rule for iscloned recordds


i have one checkbow field in opportunity record when i am clone the opportunity record i want checkbox field valueas automatically true for new records 


Follow the steps below,

1. Create a Custom Field on the object you would like to view cloned records.

       a. Select Data type: Checkbox.

2. Create a Workflow Rule on the object on which you want to find whether the record is cloned or not.

       a. Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and every time it's edited.
       b. Rule Criteria: ISCLONE ()
       c. Click Field Update Action
       d. Field to Update: Select the Custom Checkbox field.
       e. New Field Value:
                  Select Use a Formula to set the new value: TRUE
       d. Click Save and Activate the rule.

So, this will help to identify whether a record is Cloned or not. It will work only on the records being created going forward

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I recreated this combination of workflow and custom button and it stopped working.  Any ideas as to why? 
Elizabeth MurphyElizabeth Murphy
Hello, i tried the above, but the field is not populating when i am creating cloned records. Any suggestions?