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Karen Rivera 2Karen Rivera 2 

Challenge Not yet complete...here's what's wrong: The 'MyData' Lightning App was not found.

I continue to get this error in the "Build an App Home Lightning Page" Module even though I have tested the My Data Lightning App on both my mobile device and my desktop.  I've even changed the App Name to MyData (without a space) and I still get the error message.  What am I doing wrong?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Karen,

If you face "The 'My Data' Lightning App was not found", do the following.

1. Register in My Domain.

2. Install the Package only after successful domain registration. You will receive an email from Salesforce.

3. Create a new App Builder with "My Data". If you have the old one, kindly delete it.

Try the below, only if the issue still persists

1. Go to Setup --> Build  --> Develop --> Lightning Components .

2. Check the Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA) checkbox.

3. Save it.

I have found that my app had autosaved with a developer name of MyData. Changing it to My_Data solved the problem.

Still, if the problem persists then I would suggest you please give a try by clearing the cache and cookies and then attempt in a brand new developer org which should do the trick.

Please let us know if this helps.

Hi Nagendra,

I already have My Domain registered. For the second approach that you have mentioned, I cannot find the Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA) checkbox.

Also, the org that I am using for the purpose is a dev hub org. Is this the reason behind the issues I am facing while completing the challenge?
richa chaturvediricha chaturvedi
this worked for me .thanks!
Chandra Mouli GajjelliChandra Mouli Gajjelli
I got same error and tried many ways to resolve (along with above steps) but no luck.

Finally i worked on different playgorund by installing the given 'Contacts Today' package first and then created 'MyData' app page as per the challenge. Now check the challege to get the badge :)

Hope above should work for everyone..!