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Srinivas TestingSrinivas Testing 

Contract end date is not matching with PDF document.

On account object I have two custom date type fields
Contract Start date__c
Contract end date__c
same fields I am calling in PDF document,
Contract_Start_date__c is reflecting as I input on account object, But
Problem: When Input contract_end_date__c as 12/31/2017 on account record page, the date on PDF is showing as 12/31/2018
(a difference of year)

Note* we don't have any validations on that fields.

Kindly suggest how to overcome this error.
srlawr uksrlawr uk
Are they both just flat input Date fields on Salesforce?

Not a formula field? The End date isn't in any way calculated based on the start date and a term, or manipulated in anyway? 

It might be useful to see the markup for the PDF page. I guess you are using Visualforce and RenderAs="PDF" ... Is there a custom controller involved, or just visualforce?