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Queueable vs future (Trailhead)

I am trying, without success, to understand the second paragraph below (written in Trailhead):

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My interpretation of this second paragraph is that, if you have class where one of its methods contains a if-condition statement where, under certain condition the code is executed synchonously and under other condition a code is executed asynchronously, then (according to this 2ond paragraph) you would be better off leveraging a future method? (instead of a Queueable apex?)

The question is WHY?
Could you possibly clarify/elaborate so as to fully understand the above paragraph #2?

Thank you.
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Pablo Gonzalez Alvarez 3Pablo Gonzalez Alvarez 3
Because  say you have this method
public static void createAccount(){
 //some code here

If you want to make this async, it's as simple as wrapping it in a future method
public static void createAccountAsync(){

but try to convert the createAccount method to need to create a whole new class for that
public class CreateAccountAsyncRequest implements Queueuable{

	public void execute(EnqueuebleContext context){

	void createAccount(){
		//create account here


What's easier: Creating a whole new class (and the required code coverage) or simply creating a method to wrap another method?

The functionality is the same, they both run async, but a future method is simpler in this particular scenario.