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Rajiv B 3Rajiv B 3 

Outgoing email Attachments

How can I acheive this for outgoing emails?

When the User hits "Send An Email" button, would like to see any attachments associated to the case to list in the Attachment section and have the option to choose which ones to attach in the out-going email. -- below screenshot  

Please suggest me with code. 


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Rajiv B 3Rajiv B 3
Hi Guys, 

no ideas on this ???
jaya sai prasadjaya sai prasad

If you have a problem with the email attachments,then please check this native salesforce application MassMailer DOCS.
MassMailer DOCS let’s you easily mass email attachments to your leads or contacts while securely storing your files with Rackspace Cloud Files.

You can try this app by installing from appexchange  - Massmailer Docs

You can learn more details about the product on this website - docs.massmailer.io