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Becky Miller 15Becky Miller 15 

Constructor Not Defined - Trigger Issue

 trigger QueueTrigger on Sales_Product_Category__c (after insert, after update, after delete) {
    CustomTriggerSwitch__c ct = CustomTriggerSwitch__c.getValues('salescategory');
    if(ct == null || ct.Active__c || Sales_Product_Category__c.business_plan__c <> null || 
      Sales_Product_Category__c.ID <> null){ 
        List<Sales_Product_Category__c> salescategory = (Trigger.isDelete ? Trigger.old :;

        System.enqueueJob(new QuotaProductQueueable(salescategory,Trigger.oldMap));


The error is bolded :  Constructor not defined: [QuotaProductQueueable].<Constructor>(List<Sales_Product_Category__c>, Map<Id,Sales_Product_Category__c>)

What am I missing? 

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Jason HardyJason Hardy
The issue is not with your trigger per sey, it's due to the QuotaProductQueueable class. Basically, you're attempting to pass in a list and a map. Salesforce is telling you that you do not have a constcutor setup for those particular types. Meaning it should have something like this defined in the QuotaProductQueueable class:
public QuotaProductQueueable(List<Sales_Product_Category__c> listVar, Map<Id,Sales_Product_Category__c> mapVar) {
	//Constcutor code goes here
 By defaul this is the only constcutor defined (even if it's not present in your code, SFDC does it automatically):
public QuotaProductQueueable() {
	//Constcutor code goes here
If you don't want to modify the QuotaProductQueueable class, then all you need to do is create a variable and queue it up
QuotaProductQueueable qpq = new QuotaProductQueueable();
qpq.propertyForList = salescategory;
qpq.propertyForMap = trigger.oldMap;