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Parmeet Singh AroraParmeet Singh Arora 

Error: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed.

Hi, can someone help with this error. I'm new and trying to create a new VF page so that i can use this in Lighting view

</apex:page><apex:page showHeader="true" tabStyle="Remedyforce_Self_Service__tab" 
    sidebar="false" controller="BMCServiceDesk.SelfServiceSettingsController" 
    title="{!JSENCODE($Label.bmcservicedesk__remedyforce_self_service)}" action="{!redirectSelfServiceVersion}">
<apex:form id="StdSelfServiceHomeId" style="{!IF(isNewSSUI,'height:850px','height:730px')}">
   <apex:iframe id="myFrameOld" frameborder="0" src="{!URLFOR($Site.Prefix+''+$Page.BMCServiceDesk__SSLandingPage,null,['standardLayout'=true])}" height="100%" width="100%" rendered="{!isNewSSUI}"/>
   <apex:iframe id="myFrameNew" frameborder="0" src="{!URLFOR($Site.Prefix+''+$Page.BMCServiceDesk__SelfServiceHome,null,['standardLayout'=true])}" height="100%" width="100%" rendered="{! NOT(isNewSSUI)}"/>
var StdSelfServiceHomeId='{!$Component.StdSelfServiceHomeId}';
var width = window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth;
document.getElementById("myFrameOld").width = width - 50;
 var enableWalkthroughFlow = '{!enableWalkthroughFlow }';
var userLanguage = '{!userLanguage}';
 <script type="text/javascript" src="{!$Resource.SDEFCommonJS}/WhatFixScript.js"></script> 
Clint RheaClint Rhea
That error sounds like a simple syntax issue somewhere, like a missing bracket or an extra quotation mark.

My recommendation is to start with the cleanest working block of code and add in more until you find the error.

If this is the full code block, that first line looks suspicious. The first element is a closing tag: