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Hope E.Hope E. 

How to export all salesforce fields to excel including their description?


I tried to user appexchange for this like EasyDescribe/Schema surfer but it doesn't include description... Any ideas?


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Hope E.Hope E.
I used "Salesforce inspector" and it worked fine for me!

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Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 

May I suggest you Please refer the below link for reference. Hope it helps.

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Rahul Kumar
Hope E.Hope E.
Hi Rahul,

thx for the reply!
But as I mentioned this package does not show the descriptions and this is what I need to have.

Check this - https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A0000019PWEQA2
Hope E.Hope E.
I used "Salesforce inspector" and it worked fine for me!
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Lorene MillsLorene Mills
Thanks! Solved 
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rishabh rathor 28rishabh rathor 28
Would like to recommend app called Bulk Object Field Creator, it helps to Update and Export multiple objects (Custom or Standard Object) in XLS.
Aaliyah PeacockAaliyah Peacock
One way is to use an excel export extension( there are multiple extensions available in the Force.com marketplace, but this will not be enough if the fields you need to export are out of the purview of your org). I willing to get my paper written through https://www.aussiessay.com/do-my-assignment.php website now. Another way is to use a generated package or program to export data in exactly the format you want.
Civil 9to5Civil 9to5
tie beam design (https://9to5civil.com/tie-beam/): install extension called salesforce inspector and from there export the field information using below query. Add object api name for which you want this details and click export.
Alexander NunesAlexander Nunes
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