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kristian fraser 8kristian fraser 8 

Looking to get some experience in the wild!

Hi all, 

For some inexplicable reason i have found myself very interested in SalesForce over the last 6 months or so and i have been both working in a small SalesForce project in my day job (amongst other accountabilities) and also completing the various trailheads in my spare time. 

I am looking to move from learning about SalesForce to doing something about it. To do this I am willing to take on small tasks and projects for free to do in my spare time to get some real time experience as an Administrator. In return, i would like a little bit of coaching from time to time, feedback (positive and negative) and a clear set of tasks to complete. The tasks, if any, need to be relatively small as i will be doing this in my spare time. I am in Australia (Sydney time) so depending on time zones, i can commit to a few hours a night and short phone meetings to get things done. 

A little about me, I have been working in Sales, Marketing Management and Strategy roles for the past 15 years and i have significant experience in delivering successful sales strategies, managing teams, Product Owner within various IT projects, Marketing campaigns and Marketing strategy. I also have a degree in Marketing and Business Systems Analysis from UTS. I am not a certified Admin but i am looking to complete the test in the coming months.

Why am i doing this? Curiosity.