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Dustin FinkleDustin Finkle 

Developer Edition org link in Start Exploring Analytics trail doesn't work

Trail: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/wave_analytics_basics/units/wave_start_surfing_the_wave

Developer Edition Org Link: https://developer.salesforce.com/promotions/orgs/wave-de

Is anyone else having issues?
Yes. I followed the directions in the module and I keep getting this error. There's nothing else in the exercise that I can try.User-added image
David Blair 16David Blair 16
I am getting this exact issue. Quite frustrating
Vivian Cheung 15Vivian Cheung 15
Has anyone figured how to do this challenge? I can't find the actual excercise 
Dan PelkeyDan Pelkey
Anybody end up figuring this out.  Been working on it for two days now.  Pretty frustrating.