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Still Has Not Been Resolved "The ActionId specified was invalid for ActionType QuickAction."

I have already posted this twice but nobody has been able to help me resolve it. I keep running into an error message "The ActionId specified was invalid for ActionType QuickAction", when I try to deploy an unmanaged package from a Sandbox environment to a Developer Org. I have enabled Chatter and Notes in the Developer org. 

I have been looking for answers / help with this for almost a week. 
Musunuru SurekhaMusunuru Surekha
Check this link https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000kAo3IAE
Meenu SankarMeenu Sankar

Remove the default Quick action (FeedItem.<Something>) in the layout. 

In my case FeedItem.RypplePost was the culprit. Removed following from my layout metadat file and it worked fine.