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Chandrashekhar GoudChandrashekhar Goud 

How to know which API is calling & which operations are performed in my saleforce org whenever other Application(Java) hitting salesforce Org. I am able to know which application and how many Calls but I am unable to know which operations performed ?

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Chandu,

You cannot see the apex code coming from a managed package.

Check the namespace column when you open class list:
User-added image

Hope this helps.

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Chandrashekhar GoudChandrashekhar Goud

Hi Nagendra

    Thanks for your reply, but I have not installed any applications(managed Package) so i didn't get any apex class .
    I  want which api is hitting(MetadatAPI or ToolingAPI) my Salesforce org from ThirdParty Appllications like Java or .net