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Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore 

Load New Logs on Debug Logs Page does not work nor is the developer console a solution.

When viewing debug logs from Setup (setup/ui/listApexTraces.apexp) there is no way to see the most recently created logs.

The last several releases have been making positive changes in debug logs but this basic issue is not resolved.  I was hoping it would work now with Spring 18 version.

There is no good way to view logs here in setup.  The (L)oad New Logs button does not load the newest logs nor does it load the ones preceding (by timestamp) the visible ones when clicked. There is no way to page through them all. The button seems to load the oldest logs which is rarely what I would like to see.

I need to be able to access logs that I have turned on to solve a particular error. The Search feature is nice but it only searches and highlights the visible logs.

There is the alternate of using the developer console but that is very frustrating when you want to see something you know happened at a particular time.

It is very difficult to view logs in the developer console as there seems to be no way to turn off new log generation.  Everytime a new log is entered (for the logged in user) the list scrolls back to the top.  If you right click to download a log and the list moves you may not get the one you wanted to see. There needs to be a way for the list to stay where you are scrolled to.