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Matthew CallisonMatthew Callison 

How do I navigate Community pages using a custom button

I have a community using the Napili template.  It's a public community with no requirement to login.  I have the "Contact Support & Ask Buttons" component on the page, but we do not want to support Discussions.  I need to either:

A)  modify the component to remove the "Ask A Question" button, or
B) create a custom component with a button that navigates to the Contact Support page.

If I cannot modify the standard component, is there at least a place I can look at the underlying code so I can make my own?

You can use community template CSS to hide button by adding display:none to appropriate style class. After that create a new component that uses navigate to url event: 


Hope this helps. 
Matthew CallisonMatthew Callison
We just went with a custom HTML component (which I didn't know about at the time).