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Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11 

How to immediately take the user to another object after a record is saved (based on field value)?


1. When users go to the "Stage" field
2. Next, users select the "Posted" value from the picklist field
3. Then the user saves this record, I'd like them to automatically go to the "Schedule Payments" Page.

As a non-profit, there's a "Payments" object associated to all opportunity records(aka donation records). When someone saves the opportunity record, could I take them to another page?

Payments is the related object and "Schedule Payments" is the button [See image below]. When the 'Schedule Payments' button is clicked, it takes the user to a visualforce page. These are natively in organizations using the non-profit success pack.

User-added image
User-added image

Thank you for your help.
I believe you have a standard Edit button which navigates the user to the respective Opportunity Record Detail Page shown in the snapshot above.

You can replace this with a Custom Url button and use retURL parameter in the url, to tell Salesforce to redirect the User to the custom Visualforce page in consideration.

Only thing you need to do is replace the text VisualforcePageName in the url above with the actual name of the page.