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ArunBalaji KArunBalaji K 

I cant even save this file anyone plz help me ... I can't get challenge to complete for Automate Post-Workshop Tasks with Invocable Apex
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global without sharing class GiveWorkThanksAction {

    @InvocableMethod(label='Give a Thanks Badge')
    global static void giveWorkBadgeActionsBatch(List<GiveWorkThanksRequest> requests) {
        for(GiveWorkThanksRequest request: requests){

    public static void giveWorkBadgeAction(GiveWorkThanksRequest request) {
        WorkThanks newWorkThanks = new WorkThanks();

                newWorkThanks.GiverId = request.giverId;
                newWorkThanks.Message = request.thanksMessage;
                newWorkThanks.OwnerId = request.giverId;

        insert newWorkThanks;

        WorkBadge newWorkBadge = new WorkBadge();

                // newWorkBadge.DefinitionId should be set to the ID for the Competitor Badge within this Org
                WorkBadgeDefinition workBadgeDef = [SELECT Id,Name FROM WorkBadgeDefinition WHERE Name = :request.badgeName Limit 1];

                newWorkBadge.DefinitionId = workBadgeDef.Id;
                newWorkBadge.RecipientId = request.receiverId;
                newWorkBadge.SourceId = newWorkThanks.Id ;
                //newWorkBadge.GiverId = request.giverId;

        insert newWorkBadge;

        WorkThanksShare newWorkThanksShare = new WorkThanksShare();

                newWorkThanksShare.ParentId = newWorkThanks.Id ;
                newWorkThanksShare.UserOrGroupId = request.receiverId;

                newWorkThanksShare.AccessLevel = 'Edit';
                insert newWorkThanksShare;

        FeedItem post = new FeedItem();

                post.ParentId = request.receiverId;
                post.CreatedById = request.giverId;
                post.Body = request.thanksMessage;
                post.RelatedRecordId = newWorkThanks.Id ;
                post.Type = 'RypplePost';

        insert post;


    global class GiveWorkThanksRequest {
        @InvocableVariable(label='Giver Id' required=true)
        global Id giverId;

        @InvocableVariable(label='Receiver Id' required=true)
        global Id receiverId;

        @InvocableVariable(label='Thanks Message' required=true)
        global String thanksMessage;

        @InvocableVariable(label='Badge Name' required=true)
        global String badgeName;
Pablo Ledesma 8Pablo Ledesma 8
I have the same issue
Please help us!