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Check Challenge Connectivity Issues


When I click on "Check Challenge" I get below error :
Looks like we're having issues, please try again. If this issue persists, please contact us using the submit feedback section on the sidebar.
Giulia PelizzoliGiulia Pelizzoli
I've the same issue on the "Start Routing with Omni-Channel" trial.
Thomas ElmströmThomas Elmström
Same issue for me on all the modules that I am trying out
Same Issue over the past 90 minutes or so (8:15 AM to 9:45 AM EST).
Same issue! Save our IT dept have blocked the ability to use the Submit feedback section on the sidebar :( 
Shashank Gupta 96Shashank Gupta 96
Has anyone found any solution of this ?
I am having the same issue on multiple modules I am trying to complete, so sad :(
Colas FlorentinColas Florentin
I'm the same issue for all the modules.
Can we have a solution for this issue?
Jamshid VandrewalaJamshid Vandrewala
I'm currently having the same issue. This issue has been going on since 14.07 pm till present GMT
Could you update us if Salesforce is currently making any changes?
Giulia PelizzoliGiulia Pelizzoli
it's working correctly this morning.