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John Bowen 12John Bowen 12 

Trailhead is "hanging up" every time I ask it to check a challenge.

This morning I have been trying to complete several modules in Trailhead. Every time I hit the Check Challenge button, the system just swirls and never completes. Is there some sort of system-wide glitch happening right now?
Craig Gjerdingen 14Craig Gjerdingen 14
Same here!
Ric BRic B
Same issue for me. Impossible to "check challenge" in step 2 of superbadge Process Automation and impossible to "Verify Step" in step 1 of "Customize an Org to Support a New Business Unit". In first case, infinite loop without nothing more and in second case error "Looks like we're having issues, please try again. If this issue persists, please contact us using the submit feedback section on the sidebar"
John Bowen 12John Bowen 12
Oh okay. Guess it must be some kind of system issue. Relieved that it's not just me, but sorry to hear that you guys are having the same difficulty. 
Ryan TrevoltRyan Trevolt
Having the same issue when trying to create a new trail head playground, it just says "Our robots are working" and then times out but doesn't give any options to delete and start over or to create a new one until this one completes.
Amy Murray 1Amy Murray 1
Trying to finish the superbadge, question 10 or 10 and after long wait, get the message: 
Looks like something went wrong, please try again later.
jayasathya venkataramanjayasathya venkataraman
I am also having the same issue.
Joanne Lee 7Joanne Lee 7
Very glad to hear it's not just me. I've been trying everything! Just submitted feedback on the sidebar as well. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.
Lindsey SaddLindsey Sadd
I'm having this issue as well.
Emma-lee PercyEmma-lee Percy
Same issue for me too!
Jeremy Whatley 5Jeremy Whatley 5
I have received the same error as well. Hopefully it gets resolved soon so we can keep Blazing along.
Bryan Fritz 2Bryan Fritz 2
Same error going on here..
PPerez 2pip2PPerez 2pip2
same issue as well
Hannah OrchardHannah Orchard
I have the same issue!! Really frsutrating, as we're all attending the Admin 201 course in under 2 weeks!!
Raghav Khaitan 3Raghav Khaitan 3
Same issue
Richa NayakRicha Nayak
Same issue 
Lenore MLenore M
Same issue.  This is the second time in two weeks I've had this issue. 
Wyatt HuckabyWyatt Huckaby
I'm encountering the same problem. 
Christopher Snowden 1Christopher Snowden 1
I am working on Learn Standard Open Redirect Preventions and I also receive the constant spinning dial. Will this be resolved today?
Stacie Wall 15Stacie Wall 15
Same here
Stacie Wall 15Stacie Wall 15
From their Twitter: BEAR WITH US!  There seem to be some squirrels stuck in the challenges. Our crew is working hard to clear the path so you can get back to earning those badges.
Bill TangoBill Tango
I'm having simular issue with super badge Process Automation Specialist Challenge 5. The error message is 'Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
A new Opportunity with a 'Prospecting' stage for a 'Prospect' Account did not successfully create a Task for the Account owner with the Subject 'Send Marketing Materials'.' I have the task showing up under the Account owner but still get the error? Any help would be appreciated as I'm under a time line to finish this Superbadge. Thank you in advance for your efforts.
Raghav Khaitan 3Raghav Khaitan 3
Bill Tango. Check if you have  Related to ID in task creation
Bill TangoBill Tango
Thank you