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basha skbasha sk 

filter selected contact from contact dropdownlist?

Hi All,

    First I'm reading the all the salesforce Accounts in a selectoption dropdownlist.
based on the account selection i'm displaying the related contacts in other dropdownlist.
From the multiple contacts i'm selecting one contact how can i read that particular contact from
all contacts.

problem : how to filter selected contact from contact dropdownlist.

This is apex class:

   public with sharing class Account_Contact_Picklist{
    public String selectedAccId{get;set;}
    public String selectedConId{get;set;}
    public String firstname;
    public String lastname;
    public String email;
    public String company;
    public String mailingcity;
    public String mailingstate;
    public String mailingcountry;
    public String mobileno;
    public LightiningEd__Webinar_Attendees_Status__c login1;
    public Account_Contact_Picklist(ApexPages.StandardController controller){
       this.login1= (LightiningEd__Webinar_Attendees_Status__c)controller.getRecord();

    public List<System.SelectOption> accOptions{get;set;}
    public List<System.SelectOption> getAccountNames() {
                  List<System.SelectOption> accOptions= new List<System.SelectOption>();
                  accOptions.add( new System.SelectOption('','--Select--'));
                  for( Account acc : [select Id,name from Account] ){
                          accOptions.add( new System.SelectOption(String.valueOf(acc.Id),;
                 return accOptions;

           public List<System.SelectOption> getContactNames(){
                  System.debug('Entered ContactNames account id...........'+selectedAccId );
                  List<System.SelectOption> conOptions= new List<System.SelectOption>();
                  List<System.SelectOption> options = new List<System.SelectOption>();
                    if(selectedConId != null){
                           System.debug('Entered ContactNames contact id1...........'+selectedConId );
                       for(contact con :  [select Id,name,accountid,FirstName,LastName,email,MobilePhone,MailingCity,MailingState,MailingCountry
                                           from contact where accountid=:selectedAccId ]){
                              conOptions.add(new System.SelectOption(String.valueOf(con.Id),;
                              if(conOptions.size() > 0){
                                  for(Contact con1 : [select Id,name,Account.Name,accountid,FirstName,LastName,email,
                                                      MobilePhone,MailingCity,MailingState,MailingCountry from contact where id=:selectedConId]){                                  
                                      firstname = con1.FirstName;
                                      System.debug('Entered ContactNames contact id...........'+firstname);
                                      lastname= con1.LastName;
                                      email = con1.Email;
                                      System.debug('email:::'+email );                                                     
                                      company = con1.Account.Name;
                                      System.debug('company:::'+company );                                                     
                                      mailingcity = con1.MailingCity;
                                      System.debug('mailingcity:::'+mailingcity );
                                      mailingstate = con1.MailingState;
                                      System.debug('mailingstate:::'+mailingstate );
                                      mailingcountry = con1.MailingCountry;
                                      System.debug('mailingcountry:::'+mailingcountry );
                                      mobileno = con1.MobilePhone;
                                      System.debug('mobileno:::'+mobileno );
                        conOptions.add( new System.SelectOption('--None--','--None--'));
                   return conOptions;

Thanks In Advance
Niket SFNiket SF
- Create A Map of Account Vs list of Contact may be on page load
- When user select Account on VF page, Pass Account ID as Apex:Param now you have account id get list of contact and bind to picklist runtime
- Do not forget to render contact pick list.

basha skbasha sk
Here I get all accounts in dropdownlist and also I'm able to displaying related contacts for that account .but here I'm stucked at the point among those contacts if I select particular contact how can I get that particular contact only