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Nathan HobbsNathan Hobbs 

How do I get a rollup summary field onto a new section created on a layout?

I am being asked as part of an assessment, to create a new section on the conact Layout named 'Candidate Summary' and add the 'Total References' field (which is a summary rollup field) to this section.  The contacts are linked to the records in the application process.  I added the new section to the Contact Layout but the new field 'Total References' is not available to add to that section.  What am I missing?  How do I get that field into that layout??
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Nathan HobbsNathan Hobbs
Sachin P Sam 1Sachin P Sam 1
Hi Nathan Hobbs ,
Where did you create the rollup summary field ? In contact page layout ,the fields that are in contact object are only visible.
if you are created in any other object try using formula fields to display data.
If your scenario is different from this pls explain.
Please feel free to ask in case of any queries.
Sachin P Sam