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Sean NolansSean Nolans 

If statement on VF page for field output

I wish to render an field output on a VF page if another field value is  > 0 

 <apex:pageBlockSection >
  <apex:outputField> value= "{!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c >  0, "This includes HSS and Stay Behind price",  "All clear no extras" )} />

This is hwo it works in my formula but I have hit a compile error there so need to move into a page

IF(hss_qty_price__c > 0, "This price includes HSS price",  "All clear no extras" 
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You need to use rendered attribute to do it
          <apex:outputText rendered="{!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c >  0')}" value=" This includes HSS and Stay Behind price"/>
          <apex:outputText rendered="{!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c < 0')}" value=" All clear no extras"/>
Sean NolansSean Nolans
@raj h


Error: rendered="{!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c &gt; 0')}" EL Expression Unbalanced: ... {!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c &gt; 0')}
Error: EL Expression Unbalanced: ... {!IF(order__c.hss_qty_price__c &gt; 0')}

when I try your suggestion -

Any ideas ?


Sokheng YinSokheng Yin
Hello @Sean Nolans
I fact issue EL Expression Unbalanced. Have you solved it yet?