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Importing Adobe Sign templates into SalesForce

I am trying to integrate our Adobe Sign account with our SalesForce account. I already have templates created in our Adobe account, but every time I try and add file attachments to a Agreement Template from "document from EchoSign library", I get the following error message:
Error refreshing access token: invalid_request : invalid refresh token
Error is in expression '{!doNext}' in component in page echosign_dev1:attachmenttemplate: (echosign_dev1)
Steps to Reproduce:Agreement Templates > Template I created > Add File Attachments > Document from EchoSign Library
How do I get around this error and import the templates?
Laura LeonLaura Leon
I dont have an answer for your question, sorry! But .. How can I get the option "Document from EchoSign Library"? All I can see is SF CRM and files/SF documents but not the EchoSign Library.

Help will be appreciated.