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Mars Rover 570Mars Rover 570 

is it possible to pull picklist values API names in formula field ?

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Formula fields already see the API name and only the API name (yes, even TEXT(fieldName) gets you the API name, not the label).

Please refer below link for similar discussion.


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Mars Rover 570Mars Rover 570
Thnak you for your response Sandhya... my question is in piclist field I have 3 values and each values has different API.. so I want refer Picklist values API User-added image

Arjun Singh Walia 8Arjun Singh Walia 8

Hey @mars Rover 570 have you had any solution to your problem yet...if yes then please respond back, i'm in a fix. Wanna impliment something like this via formula field.

ex: 'API NAME of the picklist value' +' '+ 'Label of the picklist value'

Pruthvi Mada 5Pruthvi Mada 5
you can use VALUE(TEXT(Picklist))