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Sourav PSourav P 

Created date as " Before" in the "Scheduled Actions" in the Process Builder

I have created a PB in Quote object, included a logic followed by a " Scheduled Actions" as,
Create Record : 15 days before start date ( start date of Quote),

As , its going to create a record in a past date, How does its going to work ?
- Does it create a record & put the created date as today ? ( within an hour ? Or immediately)

I tested but actually no records been get created. Can anyone plz suggest,where i went wrong ? Thnx 

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Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

Refer this link

The schedule is evaluated based on the org’s time zone.
If the schedule references a null field value, Salesforce ignores that schedule.
If actions are scheduled for a time in the past, Salesforce executes that group of scheduled actions within 1 hour.
For example, a process is configured to email an opportunity owner 7 days before the close date. The process runs for an opportunity with the close date set to today, so Salesforce executes the scheduled actions within an hour.
If you schedule an action for 0 Days After a date, a delay can occur from the time represented by the date field before the action group executes.

Hi Sourav,

Please check if you have activated the Process Builder.
As per my understanding it will creat a record and put date immediately.
Lets Say Your Quotes start_Date__c is 15 day's  from today then Process builder will create A record today.

Sourav PSourav P
Hi Ramakant,
As i checked , its activated. So if my start date is today ( 12/02/18), It should create a record 15 days before from today, i.e as you said it should create teh record immediately.
But i cant see any record get created nor i can see anything in the scheduled queue,
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Sourav PSourav P
Hi Raj,
i tested with the start date as today, so 15 days before is coming as a past date, so the system should have create the record immediately ( or within an hour max). But i cant able to see the task, nor in sscheduled queue ( flows) . i dont understad whats the issue with scheduled action, if its working properly and not an issue from SF side. Thnx
Hello Sourav,
  Did you check your debug log? Process builder with scheduled actions should create an entry as "Automated Process".
  If you don't mind please share Task creation screen. My guess is your mapping to create Task record might be wrong.

  FYI, there was a known issue in salesforce with pastdue schedule actions not work as expected, it is fixed in Winter'16 release.

Sourav PSourav P
Hi Vaasu, sure, plz check my task creation as below,
I too checked the debug log, ( flows) but its showing me nothing there,

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Well, I can only think of two things here then.
1. Process Builder is not getting invocated.
2. Entry critirea is not matching.

Please try checking these things. How this process builder kicks in? By creating a record in quote object? It might help if you can share each screen of the process builder.
Sourav PSourav P
Hi Vaasu,

Sure, Below is the entire screeshot,
1. PB is activated
2. Entry criteria is matching, as the immediate action task is getting created, only issue with this schedule one,

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