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Jordan SewellJordan Sewell 

Createdbyid Audit field on EmailMessage

I'm using dataloader to import EmailMessages from an existing org to a new one. Everything works fine except that I cannot set the "CreatedById"/"CreatedDate" fields despite the fact that I have audit field settings enabled correctly.
I can set this field on basically every other object but it doesn't seem available for the EmailMessage records. This is a problem because the chatter feed shows the wrong user/date and it's important information for case support users.

Does anybody know how you can import EmailMessage records with the CreatedBy user intact from the source?


It seems email message object is not enabled to update audit fields.

Chris Harris 31Chris Harris 31
CreatedByID and CreatedDate need to be able to be set in order to migrate email into SalesForce from a competing system.  Beware, as it stands all the migrated emails in the ServiceCloud feed will show the name of the account used for the migration rather than the name of the sender.  And the create date on the email will be set to the date of the migration rather than the actual email date.  Sender and Date are critical pieces of data in an email.  I can't understand how this limitation is still oustanding and how email migrations are getting done without significant customer dissapointment.  Are there any workarounds or solutions to this?