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Issue with WF rule trigger, while evaluating Activated date from the Contract object

Its a simple WF rule but Seems a bit complex for me to understand below, while it seems everything is perfect. Can anyone plz make  me understand whats wrong here? Thnx

- Created a WF rule in Quote object, which in turn do a checkbox field update in teh same quote object to TRUE.

Logic is : If the Activated time of the contract object is > 4.30 PM ( We have 24 hr format showing in UI & the contract is generated after going through the payment process of the Quote)
( As of now made it <16, to test at present)
IF(VALUE(MID(TEXT(Contract.ActivatedDate+(7/24)), 12, 2)) < 16, true, 
If( VALUE(MID(TEXT(Contract.ActivatedDate+(7/24)), 12, 2)) = 16, 
IF(VALUE(MID(TEXT(Contract.ActivatedDate+(7/24)), 15, 2)) > 30, true, false),false))
Evaluation Criteria : Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria

Field Update :
User-added image

But the issue is , it not working and not updating the field to TRUE.

But the i have used teh same formula above in a formula field created in teh Quote object ( checkbox), and its working fine with the contract activated time.
So , May i know why not the simple WF rule is working here ? Thnx