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Custom Buttons via Opportunties

On our system we have some "Opportunity: Custom Button Links" to add "New Donations" "New Event Bookings" "New Sale" details to a contact.
Button Links
It used to them load a New Donation "form."
New Income
When we now try and use these buttons they take us to an "Invalid Page Redirection: The page you attempted to access has been blocked due to a redirection to an outside website or an improperly coded link or button. Please contact your salesforce.com Administrator for assistance. For more information, see Insufficient Privileges Errors."

Our privaledges have not changed. I am going to blame the new update to Spring '18 for this issue as we were not having issues with it prior and we've made no changes.

Here is a copy of the custom button set up
New Donation 
Salesforce cannot help us becasue it's a custome button.