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Karen HortonKaren Horton 

I deleted a dashboard which had the title needed to complete a challenge. As you can't set up a new dashboard with a name you have used before (even if deleted) how can I now complete the challenge?

Katie KourtakisKatie Kourtakis
Hello Karen,

I think I know the answer to your question. When you create a dashboard in Salesforce classic the API name automatically autofills with the name you assigned to your dashboard. You can have dashboards sharing the same name but you can not share API names ever. In Trailhead the challenges check the name you assign a dashboard and not the API name. So you can technically have two dashboards with the same name but different underlying API names. 

I hope this helps.

Karen HortonKaren Horton
Hi Katie Thanks for that. I think it is lightning I'm using! I'm so new to this he he. When I try and save a new dashboard it has 2 boxes for me to complete: the Title and then the dashboard unique name (is that the API?). I have tried entering the name of the dashboard required by the trail in the title but changed it in the unique name box and the other way round, but t won't accept either option ie as I have used the name before it won't let me save a new dashboard down. :-( I was so close to finishing the trail lol x
Karen HortonKaren Horton
oo... scrap that, I've done it! I changed the unique ref the first time by just adding a number on, but I have now changed the name to something completely different and it work (and I've got my badge!).. thanks so much :-)