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Tyleshia AvantTyleshia Avant 

create a sales process

I am on the trailhead section that says "Creat a sales process". The instructions say:
From Setup, click Customize | Opportunities | Sales Processes.
Click New.
To create the first new process for your organization, create a Master process.
Give your sales process a unique but descriptive name. For example, Retail Sales.
Optionally, add a description.
By default, all stages are included in a new process. Remove stages you don’t want to include by clicking the stage name in the Selected Values area, and then clicking the Remove arrow to move the unwanted stage to the Available Values area. For example, if you qualify all leads before converting leads to opportunities, remove Qualification from the selected values.
Click Save.
The problem is, I don't have a "Sales Process" field. I am using Lightining. Can anyone help?Sales Process Field
Ishwar ShindeIshwar Shinde
Switch to classic view and follow the path - Setup, click Customize | Opportunities | Sales Processes.
Click New.

Sales Process is not a field on Opportunity. You can find this link under Opportunities liek others - validation Rule, Record Type etc. 
Once done, switch back to lightning mode.