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Joseph Ortiz 19Joseph Ortiz 19 

Best strategy for source control adoption?

My team is growing in size and am curious on the best approach to source control adoption. We have a good number of apex controllers and rest services.

Does it make sense to just add all apex classes, VF pages, lightning components  to source control
start trying to group related metadata to developer controlled packages (DCP) and source control them that way?

Does anyone have any experiences they can share on their integration of source control for their org? What worked well? what didnt?
I'm trying to add our full set of metadata to source control. I've been struggling as well. I've just tried to add everything to a single package as most of our processes are dependent on one another, but it's been a challenge.

That said I personally haven't seen or read anything that has convinced me we should run with multiple DCPs; even though that seems to be 'best practice'. Our envrionment is our companies CRM - not a package that is deployed for app exchange, so we don't fit the ISV model. The way I interpret what I'm trying to do is create a single DCP... as mentioned though it's been a struggle. My current issue is I'm reaching the request size limit, so I'm at a bit of a loss now.

Anyway, hopefully that gives you some insight.
Tyler Kauffman 18Tyler Kauffman 18
We use Github and look into Circle CI pretty cool stuff