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Duncan McGovernDuncan McGovern 

Webhook TLS error - related to TLS update, Site certificate, or ???

I have webhooks set up and running correctly in a sandbox between Stripe and Salesforce, but have an error when sending a test webhook from Stripe into production: "Certificate name mismatch".
Wondering if it likely due to the TLS update, a mismatched certificate for the Site in my production instance that I created today, or maybe something else? I can log a Case as well but maybe someone has an idea.
Lalit Mistry 21Lalit Mistry 21
Hi Duncan,

The name of the certificate used for this connection in production should exactly match with that used in sandbox (is case sensitive) including any additional character such as _.
You can verify the name of certificate by navigating to Setup -> Security Controls -> Certificate and Key Management.
Duncan McGovernDuncan McGovern
Yes, the keys match. I think the problem has something to do with Site in production not matching the key, but the Site in Sandbox does. Would that make sense?
Duncan McGovernDuncan McGovern
Figured it out. 

I had not changed the url from ".force.com" to ".secure.force.com" when I added an "s" to "http". I.e. http://[my_domain].force.com needs to become https://[my_domain].secure.force.com.