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Keith Stephens 18Keith Stephens 18 

Get lastmodifiedDate - 10 minutes

Hello All,
I have a C# app that used CData objets to pass a query to Salesforce to retrieve data.
What I want to do is get all cases that have a lastmodifiedDate of Now() - 10 minutes, and this will be a job that gets executed every 5 minutes, so I can keep our sql server updated with the latest cases that have been modified.
The problem I am facing is that some of these lastmodifiedDates in Salesforce are 5 hours ahead of Now(), so if I pass in 11am as UTC for Salesforce my UTC time in C# will be 11-10min. = 10:40 so this value is used in my SOQL and thousands of records are returend because we got cases that have a lastmodifiedDate of 16:00pm or 4pm in the future. And my Timezone is EST.


Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You need to Conver the timezones