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Behzad Bahadori 18Behzad Bahadori 18 

ajax how to format email for a post

when i am sending a post salesforce doesnt accept these. the rest of the fields are supposed to be currancy even tho they are parsfloat, salesforce still fails to submits it. when I hard core the values ex email "sdf@gmail.com" or for currency ones I do parsFloat('11') it succesfully submits. I dont know what I am donig wrong in my jquery formatting for the object
<apex:outputLabel value="Email" /> <input id="contactEmail" required="true"/> <apex:outputLabel value="Voice_MRC__c" /> <input id="Voice_MRC__c" /> <apex:outputLabel value="Bandwidth_MRC__c" /> <input id="Bandwidth_MRC__c" /> <apex:outputLabel value="Hardware_MRC__c" /> <input id="Hardware_MRC__c" /> "email": $('[id*="contactEmail"]').val() "Voice_MRC__c": parseFloat($('[id*="Voice_MRC__c"]').val()), "Bandwidth_MRC__c": parseFloat($('[id*="Bandwidth_MRC__c"]').val()), "Hardware_MRC__c": parseFloat($('[id*="Hardware_MRC__c"]').val()),