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J CastilloJ Castillo 

how to reset password to my trailhead playground

IN order to use go through the "Use SOAP API unit, I need to use an external tool to submit the SOAP request.
This requires the password and token.
I can generate the token, but I have no way of resetting the password.
I used the password that I used to login into the, but that didn't work.

I created a playground to use for this, but I can't reset the password associated to my account.
Venkata Naresh Thatha 8Venkata Naresh Thatha 8
You should be able to reset your password for trailhead org as well. Just launch the Org -> Go to Setup -> Users -> Select the trailhead user and click on reset password. You should get the password to the registered email address.

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Hi Castillo,
Go through the link for the steps to reset password
Pat JamesPat James
The Password reset email asks  you a security question when one was never set up.
Arthur Anderegg 1Arthur Anderegg 1
I have the same problem. It asks for "In what city are you born?" I have never entered an answer for this question when I created the playground. And the right answer is not accepted either. How can we as play ground administrators disable this security question for Trailhead playgrounds?
Sahana HassanSahana Hassan
Hi Arthur, I had the same problem. I solved it by logging in to the trailhead using my salesforce account. Then in trailhead playground I went to Setup -> Users -> select username and reset password for it. After you do this you will get a link in your email to reset new password, if you do this you dont need to enter any security answers. And use this new password and newly generated token to login using SOAP UI.

Other solution is, Choose your salesforce username not the playground while launching platform to perform the challenge so challenge checker will look for the solution in your SF account. This way you can use your salesforce platform username and password and do not have to worry about changing trailhead password. 

Let me know if it works for you.
Arthur Anderegg 1Arthur Anderegg 1
Hi Sahana, Thank you so much for your quick reaction. It worked. This seems indeed to be the only way to reset the password without getting stuck by a security question as is the case with the other options for resetting the password.
Sahana HassanSahana Hassan
Thats awsome Arthur.
Please mark it as the best answer if you find it helpful for others too.
andy olkandy olk
Oh my goodness, this worked!!! I thought it was just me.  "Did I answer the security question in the past and just forgot? :O"  Following the "reset password" method worked the 2nd time, as the first time it gave me that "security queston".  Thanks so much!!
Sivakumar LakshmananSivakumar Lakshmanan
I changed password for Trailhead Playground

Got error 

Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 1
No Apex class named 'BatchLeadConvert' was found. Refer to the setup instructions and install the unmanaged package.
My Trailhead Playground 1
Check challenge to earn 500 points

Please help me to resolve the issue.