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Stéphane C.Stéphane C. 

How to transform multi checkboxes in multi picklist


I want to transform several checkboxes (website) into a multipicklist (salesforce) from Web2Lead entries.

So on my website, I have several checkboxes that I want to process by the Web2Lead and that I want to register in a multipicklist.

What is the best way to do this?

Thank you.
you can create html multipicklist with the option identical to checkboxes and make checkboxes hidden, while on submitting the page just copy the selection from multipicklist to checkboxes back to make it work with minimal efforts.

akhilesh soni
Stéphane C.Stéphane C.
Thanks Akhilesh,

Just to be clear, I have this setup:

On the website :
Checkbox1, Checkbox2, Checkbox3

On Salesforce
Multipicklist (NameCheckbox1, NameCheckbox2, NameCheckbox3)

Is it possible to be more explicit, please?

Thank you,


In my understanding you are saying web to lead page is having checkboxes while in saleforce object its multipicklist.

If this is right assumption then you need to iterate checkboxes on submit and then put in hidden multipicklist field to store in salesforce.


Stéphane C.Stéphane C.
Yep, that I'm thinking about with a visual workflow it can work I think.

Thank you