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Ameera ShaikAmeera Shaik 

How to retrieve picklist values based on record criteria

Hi Team,
I have created a VF page on opportunity, where user navigates to this page when clicked on a button. After navigating to my VF page based on the criteria of the record, picklist values on Vf page needs to be displayed.

for example:
This is my record criteria and the possible values to that record needs to be displayed in VF page:
Record criteria:
If record type is Full CSLC
stage: SS11 - discontinued
businness line: Products
then in Vf page , it should display only below values for the below mentioned fields:
Status(Picklist ): Alternative offer
reason won/lost (picklist field dependent on status): Price
Price delta(picklist field dependent on reason Won or lost): 0 to 10%
Similarly there are around 200 record based criteria's .
Kindly suggest how can i achieve this.
Kai Herng LauKai Herng Lau
Hi Ameera,

Do you mind to share your VF page code and apex class(if you have) here? I think what you can do is used the extension to check the criteria in the constructor or use the action attribute in VF page. 
Ameera ShaikAmeera Shaik
Hi Kai,
Thanks for your reply.
Can you please share your email Id so that i can share you there?
Kai Herng LauKai Herng Lau
Hi Ameera,

this is my email address khlau@wdcigroup.net
Ameera ShaikAmeera Shaik
Hi Kai,
I have shared the code with you.
Please check.