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Anuj Joshi 42Anuj Joshi 42 

case owner change

Hi All,

I have  a requirement. There are 2 queues, lets say A and B. There is a lookup field to user and other field is a picklist field which is the status field. There is a trigger written in before insert and before update which updates the case owner to the value of the lookup field(which is the user).

Now my requirement is when the case owner is queue B, and status is closed, the owner must be changed to the value of lookup field. If the status is not closed then owner should not change. I am unable to get it with trigger.

Kindly provide me solution.

Saravana Muthu 8Saravana Muthu 8

Yes, you can achieve it using process builder.

Step 1: Select 'Case' as object.

User-added image

Step 2: Select the criteria as below.

User-added image
Step 3: Update records and choose 'Case' then update OnwerId=User__c field.

User-added image

Please let me know if you can able to follow these steps.

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