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Sagar Hinsu 13Sagar Hinsu 13 

Convert sObject List to JSON

I know there are so many question which answers this type of questions but my problem is little different. 
I have one object called CRMData__c in that I have Name, CRMDefinition__c(master-detail), Number__c, Date__c fields. 
So CRMData__c will have many records with Date, Number__C some number, and CRMDefinition id. 

I am showing some data example below for better understanding. 
User-added image

I got the record list in one variable List<sObject> result = "My result";
based on this result I want a JSON like below.


    "Test1": 12,
    "Test2": 11,
    "date": "2018-01-01"
    "Test1": 15,
    "Test2": 23,
    "date": "2018-01-02"
   "Test1": 20,
    "date": "2018-01-03"

Means based on the date it should take the values of Test1 data and Test2 data.. 
I tried so many methods but it gives me the "APEX CPU Time Limit" error.
Because first I have to loop through the dates.
sachin kadian 5sachin kadian 5
List<sObject> result = 'listOfYourRecords';
Map<Date,List<Integer>> mapOfDateWtihNumbers = new Map<Date,List<Integer>>();

loop through your records

for(record ....){
      mapOfDateWtihNumbers.put(record.date,new List<Integer>());

//now you will have a map of Dates as keys and list of numbers as values

//you can use json serialize method to convert it to JSON if require


If you need any other format JSON, you can loop through the map and convert it easily

Let me know if it helps you..
Sagar Hinsu 13Sagar Hinsu 13
Thanks for the reply but this will give me date as a key json.. i want to iterate over the dates which are present in record and based on date it shoud create the json which i have mentioned in the question. 
sachin kadian 5sachin kadian 5
As you have map of dates and list of data related to them now, you can easily iterate over them and convert to JSON. 
Public class datawrapper{
    Public date record date;
    Public Integer test1;
    Public Integer test2;
//iterate map and create list of wrapper 

List<datawrapper> listofdata = new list<datawrapper>();

For (mapvalue){

//Create new wrapper record and add it to wrapper list


// At last serialize list of wrapper


   //if no of data attributes are not fixed, then you can iterate over map and create a json string directly instead of wrapper
Sagar Hinsu 13Sagar Hinsu 13
@sachin.. thanks again for your quick reply.. but Test1 and Test2 are lookup (master-details) field.. there can be many more like Test3, Test4 etc... here for example i just took Test1 and Test2.. 
Prasad N RPrasad N R
In my case, I tried a method similar to the one mentioned by Sachin Kadian 5. It is of the following format:
List<sObject> listOfData = Database.query(SOQLstatement);

Upvoted Sachin Kadian 5's answer.

I found this and solved my problem.

string query='SELECT id, name from account';
string Outputget= JSON.serialize(database.query(query)); 
The above syntax gives us following result:-
         "url":"/services/data/v48.0/sobjects/Account/your account ID"
      "Id":"your account ID",
      "Name":"Test Account Name"