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Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9 

how to set end point URL for salesforce integrating with SQL server

Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
can anyone help me?
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Hi Om Prakash,

Can you say me how to create a connected app? what is the purpose?
can I get all objects and records using connected app?
Om PrakashOm Prakash
If we need to authenticate with salesforce from external application (i.e Java or PHP) then we create connected app.
Yes we can get all objects and records by standard API for which we need to create connected app.

Let me know if any additional query for the same

Please find step for createing Connected App.
Defining Connected Apps
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Actually, I'm in need to connect Salesforce to SQL server. 
I need to generate an endpoint URL so that I can access all objects and records from that URL.
How to create that using a connected app. can you just help me?
Om PrakashOm Prakash
How are you plannig to use those endpoint to integrate with mysql server.
I assume you have java or php code from where you will fetch Salesforce records and then push to SQL server.
Let me know if this is the scenario for which I need to provide the salesforce endpoints reference and steps?
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Actually, my work is to give data using endpoint URL. is that possible using connected app? from that URL, all salesforce objects and records can be exported? this is my requirement.
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Using apex and endpoint URL, can I send salesforce data to SQL Server?
Om PrakashOm Prakash
Ok. So you need to send data to SQL server from Salesforce.
In this case connected app don't required.
For this I have introduced java middleware earliear.
We need to create own API in  java application then our server's endpoint will be call from Salesforce.
In java code by using JDBC ODBC driver we push the data in mysql server.

Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Okay, can you provide me a code for this?
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
Please provide me the code?
Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Iswarya,
Unfortunately I don't have all code currently which required multiple steps as bellow.

If one time data export then I suggest to use dataloader. 

Call External Services from Salesforce
Sample for Java and SQL connection
Java Rest Sample
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
So when can you provide me the code? I visited all these sites.
Om PrakashOm Prakash
I meant currently I don't have all related code, I need to write all those from scratch.
Please start developing and I will assist if any issue in any steps.
Iswarya Sekar 9Iswarya Sekar 9
but I don't have any ideas where to start?
Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi ,
This article suggest something without developing middleware.
Have a look if seems useful.
is there a way we can connect to SQL without connectors?? 
Sabina BashukSabina Bashuk
Talking about middleware I can suggest you to try Skyvia Connect (https://skyvia.com/connect/salesforce-odata) - it is a web-based service for creating Salesforce OData endpoints without any coding.