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Guillaume MEHEUST 22Guillaume MEHEUST 22 

Couldn’t find the report 'My Top Volunteer Organizations'.


I'm facing an issue with the SuperBadge "App Customization Specialist"

I'm trying to check my Report challenge but I get this error message : User-added image

And this is how i've created it : 

User-added image

Do you have any idea ? 

Guillaume MEHEUST 22Guillaume MEHEUST 22

I have had the same problem (very frustating because all seems correct as you show now).
I finally believe that the message is wrong and was for another report with a close name.

You can also try to run the report before resubmitting (not sure it is important).

Finally, I created all the other reports (even not finished just choosing the correct recordtype) to be sure that it is not a problem wrong name and finally the error message disappeared.
Akira Kinutani 1Akira Kinutani 1
It looks Guillaume is correct. The message is wrong and for another or the 5th report.
Just keep creating the rest of reports and the error message will have gone away once all five reports are created.
Mary CusackMary Cusack
I have created all the reports and it still can't be found
Taher Nagarwala 5Taher Nagarwala 5
I am facing the same challenge. It is not able to find my report. 
tanuj tyagi 15tanuj tyagi 15
Please Help .
Facing Same issue  "Couldn’t find the report 'My Top Volunteer Organizations'." .
Taher Nagarwala 5Taher Nagarwala 5
Hi Team, Not sure if you have read the comment from Tanuj Tyagi. He slates the exact same issue as I do, and not the solution. Thanks, Taher.
Luke FortLuke Fort
I'm also having this same issue.
Jose CunhaJose Cunha
There's another report called Top Volunteer Organizations (look, not My Top Volunteer Organizations) down the line.
It's quite possible that the message is actually related to that one instead of My Top Volunteer Organizations.

It's quite confusing, so I suspect the developer got also confused and added the 'My' to the error messages.
Cansu Asli AsciCansu Asli Asci
Hello guys,

I had the same error even fi I created the report. 
I passed challenge when I created all reports before starting implementation.

Please kindly mark this as best answer if it helps you.

User-added image
Manila JangalaManila Jangala
Hello Guys,

I just found the issue and seems like we need to provide folder edit access to test user created as a part of super badge ‘Dan Wong’. 
It worked.

please find the navigation below in order to provide folder access.( In Lightning)
Reports -> Click on down arrow on the folder -> Share -> add the desired user-> Done

Hope this answer resolves your issue. Cheers!!
Max Goldfarb 2Max Goldfarb 2
@Manila Jangala unfortunately granting editing or even managing access to the test user (Dan Wong) did not resolve it for me. I have created all reports as well so creating all 5 reports is not a real resoltion as you are supposed to have done that before checking results anway. Seems like this issue has started to affect many more people (or people are just doing the superbadge for the Quest and chance to win a cert voucher), Salesforce really needs to add more detail with these superbadge challenges...
Issac G JohnsonIssac G Johnson
i to have the same problem
Hemanth Krishna 30Hemanth Krishna 30
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageCan anyone please help me  I have Created My Top Volunteer Organizations report but I  am unable to clear this Challenge 
Piyush Dudhe 2Piyush Dudhe 2
Did anyone figure out what the issue is? I have been trying to fix the issue, but haven't been able to do so. 
Martina Pastorkova 2Martina Pastorkova 2
Piyush Dudhe 2 - it looks like the Volunteer Organization field should be sorted by Descending order.
My Top Volunteer Organizations - Report, Volunteer Organization filed is missing under Volunteer Shift Workers (Created By) when trying to select and add this column into the report. Tried @Akash Pandey's suggestion here - but couldn't get it to work - any pointers? thanks.
Sumeet KheraSumeet Khera
Hello, not sure if you are still facing this problem, there are two reports with similar names 

(1) Top Volunteer Organizations
(2) My Top Volunteer Organizations
Please ensure you create both the reports as per the requirements in the challenge, you should be good with this error. 

Please mark this answer as helpful if it solves your problem.
Sumeet Khera
@Cansu Asli Asci
I created 2 Custom Report types and 1 report My Top Volunteer Organizations.
I am trying to store above report in Folder Volunteer Reports.I am seeing empty folder even after creating New Report from the Volunteer Reports Folder.
please help!
Bhawana Bisht 1Bhawana Bisht 1
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
A Volunteer Shift Worker record created for another user is not in their approval queue, or it does not have the correct status automatically assigned. Can anyone have solution for this?
Hemant Kumar 149Hemant Kumar 149
Please find the Solution below for : My Top Volunteer Organizations

User-added imageUser-added image