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krishna guptakrishna gupta 

I have below requirement:

GIVEN that I am a Sales Rep
WHEN I am log on Salesforce
THEN I will have option to update an Opportunity clicking on "Edit" Button 
ONLY if I am the owner of the record or if I am add on Opportunity team.
AND THEN I can edit fields open fields
AND Save record.

How to solve this?
Pradeep SinghPradeep Singh
Hi Krishna,
To make a Sales Rep edit only those records which belongs to him.You must have the OWD for account and Opportunity "Private" OR "Public Read Only". In case of "Private", he is able to see and edit only those records which he owns or the ones on which he is present on Opportunity Team and in case of "Public Read-Only", he is able to see all of the records either owns by him or any other(only read only not edittable).
So, if you change your OWD setting under sharing settings as one of these two, your half of work is done.

Now to make EDIT button visible for the sales rep. He should have edit permission on his Profile. Also make sure View all and modify all permissions are not granted/provided to the user as this will override the OWD settings.

Please let me know if you need any help.

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