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Alex Waddell 17Alex Waddell 17 

Trying to make a flow using Fast Lookups and Fast Update. Please Help!


I recently made a flow that uses a Record Lookup to find the Area__c record that matches the Zip Code under the Account's BillingPostalCode field. It then used a Record update to place the id of the Area__c record into a field on the Account page (a lookup to Areas called Area__c)

The problem with that structure is that when I tried to upload a few hundred accounts, I ran into a bulk error for running too many SOQL queries...

Now I have to rebuild the Flow using Fast Lookups and I am stuck at the following place

Currently, I have a Fast Lookup to Accounts (since I could have 1 or many accounts being updated at once) that places the Billing Zips and Area__c fields into the collection variable
User-added image
User-added image
Now what I am confused on is when I should look up the area__c object to querie a record where the Area__r.Name = Account.BillingPostalCode.
Should that lookup be before or after the Loop? Do i need to use a fast lookup or a Record Lookup (since there is only 1 area__c record for every Zip)?

The Flow I used before worked perfectly on a single record update but as soon as I started to try and import my member list everything failed. Could anyone help me recreate my old flow to allow for the importing of more than 100 records?
Below is the basic structure of my old Flow:

User-added image

Alain CabonAlain Cabon

Is this problem solved?   

Fast Lookup > Fast Update are bulkified normally but how do you call the flow?
Alex Waddell 17Alex Waddell 17
No this problem has not been solved yet,

It is being fired by Process builder

I have not finished creating the new Fast Lookup > Fast update flow... Currently it is still structured like this

User-added image