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Pardot Automation rules

Hello All,

I have 3 questions.

1. In Pardot, the prospect shows as Never Actiive, and I have read that, only by opening a form, visiting webpages, clicking a link can make a prospect as active, Is that true...?

Is there a way apart from above to make a prospect active...?

2. If the prospect is shown as never active, can we not send emails using Automation rules..?

3. Say for ex: 5 prospects are matched to the automation rule criteria, and after I make the Automation rule to resume. Will the action associated with the Automation rule start performing for the 5 prospect or how ..?

Thank You
Saurabh TyagiSaurabh Tyagi

Hi Rajesh,

1. Active prospects have a green person icon next to their name. A prospect who has never been active has a red person icon.
An active prospect has performed an activity, such as submitting a form, visiting a page, or clicking a link.
Some activities are passive and aren’t good indicators of a prospect’s interest. The following activities don’t make a prospect active:
Email send, Email open, Email bounce, Opportunity.

2. Yes you can send emails using automation rules to reengage your Never active Prospects.

3. If your 5 prospects have already matched your automation rule criteria then actions will be performed on only those prospects.
before you pause the rule and i believe there is no way to iterate those prospect with that automatio rule again.

If you want to learn more you can refer this link

Thanks !