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Anuj Joshi 42Anuj Joshi 42 

Future class in a trigger

Hi All,

I have a trigger and a batch class. the class is
global class AsyncApexClass{

public static void sendEmail(Set<Id> sendList){
List <Notes__c> notesList = new List<Notes__c>();
for(List<EmailMessage> emailmsglist:[select Id,parentId,Parent.Email__c,Parent.Contact.Email,ToAddress, FromAddress, Subject, TextBody, HTMLBody, CreatedDate from EmailMessage where id in :sendList] )
        for(EmailMessage emlist :emailmsglist){

             Notes__c note= new Notes__c(); // Create a note object 
             note.Case__c= emlist.parentid;
                 IF (emlist.HTMLBody != NULL && emlist.HTMLBody != ''){
                 note.Message__c = emlist.HTMLBody;
                 else {
                 note.Message__c = emlist.TextBody;
             note.Sent_To__c = emlist.ToAddress;
             note.From__c = emlist.FromAddress;
             note.Subject__c = emlist.Subject;
             note.Datetime_Created__c = emlist.CreatedDate;
             if (emlist.Parent.Contact.Email == emlist.ToAddress || emlist.Parent.Email__c == emlist.ToAddress) // If the email is the same as Case's contact email or Email__c on Case itself, the type is a response.
             note.Type__c = 'Response';
             else {
             note.Type__c = 'Forward/Others';
             notesList.add(note); // Add note object to the list
// If the note list has records, insert the list.
if(notesList.size()>0) {
       insert notesList;

The triger is
trigger CreateNotes on EmailMessage(after insert) {

    //Variable declaration
    Set<Id> collectEmailSet = new Set<Id>();
    for(EmailMessage  msg : Trigger.New){

When i was deploying it to prod I got a error like this "
This Apex class has batch or future jobs pending or in progress". I checked the checkbox in deployment settings option. But after deployment mail is not delivered to users. Do I need to schedule my jobs again?

Check in Apex Jobs to see whether the job is failing due to errors.
Magulan Duraipandian
Hi Anuj,

Please check in that this AsyncApexClass is Scheduled in Scheduled Jobs if yes then delete this schedule job and depoy it again. I hope it will work.