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Hall AnthonyHall Anthony 

Apex trigger not working for specific users only for some reason

Hi All,
We have a trigger on our case object that summarizes a number field on each related activity when that case closes.  Problem is the trigger only works for some employees for some reason. I have a debug file for a user when the trigger fails but the file its too long to post on this forum (I can only paste 32,000 characters in a post. What should i do to go about solving this issue? I have a feeling the issue is a very simple fix for someone that uderstands apex code well.


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Hello Anthony,

Ensure that the user for whom the trigger is not working has the access to update case object / or the field that used to summarize.
{this even depends on the handler class in with sharing or without sharing also, since its apex which is system mode it should work ]

Also, what the error that user gets when the trigger fails..?

Hope this helps..!!!