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Robin BassRobin Bass 

Unable to complete challenge :DreamHouse App installed OK but not found

In am trying to complete the challenge: Install a Managed Package in your Trailhead Playground
I have installed Dreamhouse app successfully ...I even received the confirmation email and its clearly listed in the installed app list.  It won't allow me to reinstall as it is already there. But when "confirming" the challenge, I receive the error Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
You haven't installed the DreamHouse app package. 

I will move on to the next lesson but would be good to receive the badge/points. thanks in advance. 
Please check where you install the install Dreamhouse app in personal dev or Trailhead Playground org.
Robin BassRobin Bass
 I had already confirmed to be in the Trailhead playground org
please select hands-on org as Trailhead Playground org.
if you still facing problems for go to setup>Install package > uninstall  dreamhouse app and try again.
Ranil Goonesekera 5Ranil Goonesekera 5
Watch the the first video on this link to be sure you are installing in the right place. <https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/trailhead_playground_management/install-apps-and-packages-in-your-trailhead-playground>