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Lightning Table Columns Drag and Drop

Hi everyone. 
Can you provide any example how can I implement drag and drop columns in <table> without external lib. I want use only pure JS and Lightning Component.
Thank for reply.
Balayesu ChilakalapudiBalayesu Chilakalapudi
did you checked about jqgrid.


version 3.6 for drag and drop.
Thank you. But it's JQuery. I can not use ANY external lib. Also JQuery. Just pure JS or Lightning features.
Butesh SinglaButesh Singla
Hii, You can refer following link :
Sorting Table Rows by Drag and Drop in LWC (https://lovesalesforceyes.blogspot.com/2020/12/sorting-table-rows-by-drag-and-drop-in.html)