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Martin FreireMartin Freire 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The '# of Volunteers Still Needed' field on the 'Volunteer Shift' record is not working as expected.

I am stuck on the second part of this superbadge with this error, and I could use a pointer:

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Martin FreireMartin Freire
Neither of those worked, I had already tried using their solutions to no avail
Daniel FriedmanDaniel Friedman
Hey - any chance you figured this out?  I've tried every solution I've seen and still getting the error...
Janet KangJanet Kang
I probably spent over an hour on this one stupid field. I had copied and pasted the names from the requirements doc into the field, and I think maybe I had some sort of special character or something in there. I ended up deleting the Label and API Name and retyping it manually and it finally passed.
Pavlo Shchur 23Pavlo Shchur 23
Janet Kang Could you show your formula?
Julian Juez Alfaro 3Julian Juez Alfaro 3
Still failing for me. I am getting nuts...
Janet KangJanet Kang
My formula was 
MAX(Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c, 0)

My fields were named:
# of Volunteers Still Needed (of_Volunteers_Still_Needed__c)
Desired # of Volunteers (Desired_of_Volunteers__c)
Shifts Taken (Shifts_Taken__c)

The names must be EXACTLY as they are written in the directions, with the default API names. Don't try to change the API names to make them more readable (i.e., Desired_Number_of_Volunteers__c or Number_of_Volunteers_Still_Needed__c). Type them EXACTLY as they are written, but TYPE... don't copy and paste. I think my problem was that I had some sort of special hidden character that I couldn't see that was throwing it off.

Make sure you field level permissions are correct (they should be, but it doesn't hurt to check).

I seriously nearly gave up the whole thing because of this stupid field. I think it took me longer to get through this step than it did to finish the rest of the badge.

I can't promise any of that will resolve your issue, but that's what finally got me through.
Nicholas Wood 30Nicholas Wood 30
Got Passed this by changing my field API name back to default 'of_Volunteers_Still_Needed__c' initially I had removed the 'of_' prefix
Jack McGrady 3Jack McGrady 3

This error message can be misleading.
In my case the root casue was the Shifts_Taken__c field filter criteria.

Ensure your filter criteria is onlyone line...

Status   equals   Confirmed, Complete
User-added image

and not...

Status   equals   Confirmed AND
Status   equals    Complete
User-added image


Anastasia KorzhikovaAnastasia Korzhikova
I had the same issue and Trailhead Support helped me solve it. The problem was in the fields - 'Shift Start Time' & 'Shift End Time' on the 'Volunteer Shift' object. They have to be Date/Time type, not Time type.
Lucas MontezumaLucas Montezuma

Enter the same values ​​from the image below that will solve!

API Name

Salesforce asks for a "num" name, but it only works if you put #.
Jovanny Navarro 3Jovanny Navarro 3
Thank you @Lucas Montezuma.  I was going crazy trying to solve this issue. I changed both Desired # of Volunteers and # of Volunteers Still Needed and that did the trick. Be sure to change both the label and name :)

Salesforce needs to solve this issue. They do not make it clear how one is suppose to label things  >: (